High-quality orthodontic care for the entire family with the latest technology. Get ready to fix your smile with an accurate, comfortable, and faster treatment plan tailored for every family member!

Dr. Donald Balhoff is a board-certified orthodontist with the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) who has put together a team of professionals that leverages its extensive knowledge and experience in dentistry to provide you only with the best in orthodontic care here in Lafayette, LA.

Lafayette Family Orthodontics You Can Count On

We are all about providing the best care for every member of your family, and we are certain we can help you find a personalized treatment plan for you and your family to get working on that smile that you wish for.

Check out what are some of the treatments available for your family here at Balhoff Orthodontics.

Two-Phase Orthodontics


We use all our knowledge and skill to ensure we make efficient use of every opportunity we have to help your child accomplish the ideal, healthy, functional, and beautiful smile they deserve and will help them throughout their life.

Here at Balhoff Orthodontics, we want to make sure that your kids receive all the care they require. Did you know the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends all parents bring their kids to an orthodontist by age 7?

Two-phase orthodontics begins at an early age to catch any signs of developing orthodontic problems before they cause considerable damage to the child’s dental and social development. Please keep in mind that this won’t mean your kid will require braces immediately. We’re saying that we’ll help prevent any problems from escalating and offer proper guidance.


Orthodontics for Teens

img-trmnt-teen-02Teenagers can now have the smile of their dreams with countless treatment options that will realign their teeth as fast and comfortably as possible. Besides, they won’t even have to worry about looking bad during their treatment, as all orthodontic appliances are now more efficient, comfortable, and discreet than ever before.

Teenagers are ideal candidates for orthodontic treatment because their jaws and permanent teeth haven’t stopped growing, meaning that any dental realignment can be more comfortable than in later years.


Adult Orthodontics

img-trmnt-adult-02Orthodontics is not just for the young. Adults always have the chance to start orthodontics and get their dream smile. The trick here is starting as soon as possible instead of letting more time go by.

You should keep in mind that there is no age limit for your orthodontic treatment, and even adults who’ve had a perfect smile for most of their lives can find themselves in need of dental realignment as they age. Teeth move naturally as we grow older, and people who suffer accidents or direct trauma to their teeth might require orthodontic treatment for adults.

Set an appointment with the team at Balhoff Orthodontics to determine the status of your oral health and periodontal tissues and determine if you can start orthodontics right away or if you should wait a little and take care of a few things before you get your set of braces.


Treatment With Invisalign in Lafayette, LA.

Invisalign Treatment Lafayette, LA

Children, teenagers, and adults can all enjoy the efficiency, added comfort, and improved discretion that only Invisalign clear aligners can provide. These BPA-free aligner trays help realign most cases of dental malalignment thanks to age-specific solutions.

You can achieve your smile with these removable aligners, thus ensuring you have better control over your oral health during orthodontics. Please make sure to set an appointment with the best orthodontist Lafayette has available. Dr. Balhoff is a Gold Plus provider of Invisalign.

We will make sure to use our iTero 3D scanner to get an accurate and quick scan of your teeth to design a personalized treatment that will get you a beautiful smile in no time.


Orthodontic Braces in Lafayette, LA.

img-trmnt-adult-03There is no way we wouldn’t touch on the most important tool at our disposal. Here at Balhoff Orthodontics, you can count on various types of dental braces to fix your smile and get you the results you desire. Besides, braces are perfect for patients of all ages, which means the entire family can get their orthodontic braces with the following options:

  • Traditional metal braces.
  • Ceramic braces.
  • Lingual braces.

You should get in touch with our dental alignment specialist to determine if you can fix your smile with any of these braces options and start your treatment as soon as possible.

Get Your Family Orthodontist in Lafayette

Dr. Balhoff is here with his team to help you achieve the best version of your smile in as little time as possible. Make sure to give us a call at 337-761-7070 to set an appointment and check what you need to have a smile you can be proud of.